The Present and Future of Professional Indemnity Insurance in Singapore

The professional liability insurance market in Singapore is competitive and consists of experienced players who have been killing it big and a handful of new entrants. The obvious reason why the PI market is booming in basically every part of the world is that professionals in different industries are abreast with the benefits it offers. They have come to see that the protection it offers is unmatched such as the professional indemnity insurance offered here:


In fact, it is now mandatory for professionals in certain industries to opt for it because of the risks involved in their profession. The bottom line is that PI insurance space is doing excellently well right now, but what do you think will happen in 3 to 6 years? If you don’t know and are curious about its future, you are going to find this article useful, as it contains the results of in-depth research that was conducted about the present and future of professional indemnity insurance.



The following article by Anita shed unveils some important details about research on PI insurance that was conducted not too long ago.


Professional Liability Insurance Market 2019 Industry Analysis, Global Trends, Size, Applications, Share, Sale, Growth Insight, New Development & Forecast To 2025


The competitive landscape of the global Professional Liability Insurance market consists of several prominent players prevailing in the market plus several new entrants. Some of the key players in the market include Chubb (ACE), Read more here.


You are likely now grounded with the trends, size, sales, growth, new development, and forecast of the Professional insurance market. You also now have an idea of how much PI markets is likely going to grow in years to come. But do you have a clear a picture of the benefits you will enjoy when you opt for it right now? If you don’t, I suggest you read the next article carefully.



The following article by Lawsociety shed light on what Professional insurance cover.


Professional Insurance Cover


The Scheme Insurance is arranged on behalf of each practicing member of the Law Society by the Council of the Law Society (the “Council”), under their statutory powers under section 75A of the Legal Profession Act. The Council negotiates the coverage and policy wordings. Read more here.


You likely now that professional indemnity insurance can help protect professionals when they make mistake, like an omission or when the advice they offer doesn’t yield good results. You also now know that it doesn’t cover losses caused by dishonesty or fraud. Believe me, there are still a lot of things you still don’t know about PI insurance. Want to get an overview of everything PI insurance is all about? If yes, read the next article carefully.




The following article by ProfessionalIndemnity shed light on basically everything you need to know about PI insurance.


Professional Indemnity Insurance Explained


Professional indemnity insurance (also known as professional liability insurance), is a large and growing sector of the commercial insurance market, with many insurance companies actively fighting for market share and offering different types of products both online and off-line. Read more here.


You surely now have a clearer picture of what Professional indemnity insurance is all about, and what it covers and doesn’t cover. You also now know the answers to some frequently asked questions about PI insurance that you probably didn’t know before. If you still have questions or aren’t really clear with certain issues concerning it, then you should consult an expert promptly.



Final note


Because of the trends, growth, and new development in the Professional insurance industry, more and more professionals in basically every part of the world are opting for PI insurance.

The obvious reason for this is that they want to protect their business and career.

Many of them have come to see that nothing is 100% certain, and the services they offer may not provide the best results to their clients.


So, if you are a professional looking to becoming one of the top guns in your industry, you must take steps to protect your business. One of the best ways to do this is by having PI insurance.



How Professional Indemnity Insurance Protects Professionals in Singapore

Mistakes are inevitable. So, whether you are a doctor with years of experience, a business guru, or a celebrity fitness trainer, there is a slim possibility that you may make a mistake, miscalculate, omit important details that may hurt, cause serious damage, or negatively affect the lives of your clients.


When this happens, legal actions are likely going to be taken against you. Covering the compensation and legal cost is going to be the least of your problem if you don’t have some sort of protection or safety net that prevents you from hitting rock bottom.


Of course, there are tons of ways you can protect yourself and your business from something like this, but the most effective, reliable, and trusted of them is professional indemnity insurance at Allegiance Pte Ltd. Want to find what it’s all about and why you should opt for it? If yes, stick around, as we will be dissecting it, to help you understand how it works and what it protects against.



The following article by Markeluk is a simple guide that contains basically everything you need to know about PI insurance.


Professional indemnity insurance explained – a simple guide to PI insurance


Professional indemnity insurance, often referred to as professional liability insurance or PI insurance, covers legal costs and expenses incurred in your defense, as well as any damages or costs that may be awarded if you are alleged to have provided inadequate advice. Read more here.


You likely now know how professional indemnity insurance works. You also now know that the following should opt for it- designers, teachers, IT professionals, business management consultants, Technical contractors, and recruitment consultants, just to name a few. But do you know how much it will cost you to get PI insurance? Read the next article carefully to find the answer.



The following article by Insureon unveils how much it costs to get Professional liability insurance.


How Much Does Professional Liability Insurance Cost?


In 2017, we analyzed data from more than 18,000 businesses with 10 or fewer employees that applied for coverage through Insureon. We found that, regardless of industry or policy limits, the average yearly cost of Professional Liability Insurance for a small business is $1,735.60. The median yearly cost is $920.Read more here.


You likely now know that it is going to cost a small business from $920 to $1,735. You also now know that factors like the type of business and the amount of coverage determines the price. This means that if you are in a lucrative industry and you want full protection, you are likely going to splash a lot of cash. Before making a final decision, you must have an in-depth understanding of how it works.



The following article by Wikipedia Contains everything you need to know about professional insurance.


Professional liability insurance


Professional liability insurance (PLI), also called professional indemnity insurance (PII), but more commonly known as errors & omissions (E&O) in the US, is a form of liability insurance which helps protect professional through advice- and service. Read more here.


You likely now know how Professional liability insurance help protect professionals from bearing damages or negligence claims made by a customer. You also now have a clear picture of the amount of protection it offers, and some important terms and details you must keep in mind before opting for it.



Final note


Miscalculations, errors, and blunders are inevitable in business. Even if you are super intelligent or tech-savvy, there is still a chance that you may make a mistake that may cause losses to your clients.


The best and most effective way to protect your business is by opting for PL insurance. If you have one, you will be protected and won’t have to worry when things don’t go according to plan.


As you likely now know, PL insurance is great and can prevent you from falling below the point of no return. So, if you are a professional and you don’t have it, you not just missing out, but also putting your business and profession at risk.


Critical Things You Must Keep in Mind When Opting for Professional Indemnity Protection in Singapore

Singapore is a great place for professionals offering specialized services to customers. The reason for this isn’t just because Singapore has a stable economy, but also because it has business-friendly policies that go a long way in helping professionals thrive. That being said, every professional in Singapore needs to keep in mind that things can go from sweet to sour in a matter of seconds. One wrong move, one mistake, one omission, can cause serious damage to your reputation. Even worse, legal action may be taken against you.


To protect your business, brand, or career when you make a mistake that caused physical harm or losses to your client, you need to opt for professional indemnity insurance. But what exactly is PI insurance? How does it work? What should I keep in mind when opting for it? Want to find answers to these questions, if yes, read on, as we will be taking a close look at basically everything you need to know about Professional indemnity insurance.



The following article by Professionalrisk shed light on some risks and traps you need to be aware of when opting for professional indemnity insurance.


Tricks and Traps of Professional Indemnity


The purpose of Professional Indemnity is to protect the professional against legal liability to compensate third parties which have sustained an injury, loss, or damage due to the professional’s negligence or breach of professional duty in the conduct of their profession/business/occupation Read more here.


You likely now know some traps and pitfalls you need to watch out for when opting for professional indemnity. You are also now abreast with some strategic ways to scale through them and protect your business. But do you know that it is now mandatory for professionals in certain industries to opt for PI insurance?



The following article by Bookkeepers shed light on some reasons why ICB practice license holder must have PI insurance.


Professional Indemnity Insurance


In addition to maintaining your policy, it is your responsibility to ensure that you are insured to the right level at all times throughout the year. Under the requirements of the Provision of Services Regulations, you have to disclose information about your PII to clients. Read more here.


You likely now know why it is important for professionals in any industry to have PI insurance. You also now have an idea of the right level of cover you should pick if you are an ICB practice license holder. But do you know the benefits you will enjoy when you have PI insurance? If you don’t, I suggest you read the next article carefully.



The following article by Towergateinsurance shed light on the pros of PI insurance.


Professional Indemnity Insurance Explained


Professional indemnity insurance is a type of liability insurance designed to protect businesses and individuals who provide advice or expertise to third parties. Also known as professional liability insurance or errors and omissions insurance (E&O), Read more here.


You likely now have a clear picture of how PI insurance works, what it protects against, and some strategic ways you can get the most out of it. You also now know the answers to some puzzling questions that are likely going spring up like- how much protection do I need? Is PI insurance good for small business owners?



Final note


The business landscape in Singapore makes it a must-have for professionals who want to have a secured future to opt for Personal indemnity insurance.


As a professional, you may think that you don’t need it because things are going perfectly well right now, or because you are getting massive contracts from your clients and making so much money. But thing could change in an instant.


If you happen to make a mistake or breach a contract, your clients may turn on you because they suffered losses because of your mistake. They may demand compensation and even take legal action. If you don’t have PI insurance, your business, reputation, finances, will suffer. Don’t wait till trouble comes knocking on your door, take action right now, and opt for PI insurance today.


Why Intrusion Detection and Intrusion Prevention Systems are Vital

Why Intrusion Detection and Intrusion Prevention Systems are Vital

Institutions, organizations and small businesses operate based on the data they have. It would be impossible to run such organizations if the available data was disrupted. Imagine what you would do if you woke up one morning and found your system hacked and vital information missing? It could take months or even years to recover from such a loss if at all it is possible to recover from it. Intrusion detection and prevention systems are designed to protect you and your business from such havoc. It encourages continuity and longevity of business by safeguarding information, especially confidential data.

An integrated Intrusion Detection System in Singapore is not easy to find. If you are looking for one, look for ATT Systems. They have a wide range of expertise and can advise you on your security needs. Visit ATT Intrusion Detection System today.

In this article in, the author discusses the functions of intrusion detection and intrusion prevention systems.

Why you need to use both intrusion detection and intrusion prevention systems

“Losing sensitive information because of a cyber-attack has been a concern for businesses and enterprises for nearly two decades.  In the early 2000s, intrusion detection systems (IDS) and intrusion prevention systems (IPS) became a security best practice to help businesses protect themselves against evolving data breaches. Before then, firewalls had been very effective in countering the threat landscape of the 1990s.” Read more here

If you are wondering if it is necessary to use both systems or if one can do, you need to ask yourself how important the data you have is to you as a person or how vital the information is to your company.  If you care about the security of your network and system, the intrusion detection and intrusion prevention systems are crucial. The intrusion detection system acts as a guard who alerts you if any suspicious activity is detected. The intrusion prevention system is placed between your firewall and your network. Should there be any anomalies, it immediately blocks access to your network.

In this article, Derek Wiedenhoeft discusses the consequences of not having intrusion detection systems.

Consequences of not using intrusion detection systems

“Should you invest in an Intrusion Detection System? Responsible businesses with sensitive data know they need a firewall to control traffic and secure their networks. What seems less well known, however, is the role that complementary technologies play in a comprehensive approach to cybersecurity.  An Intrusion Detection System (IDS) enables organizations to take a proactive security stance,…” Read more here

Unfortunately, once hackers realize that your system is vulnerable, they will attack more than once. This means you will be fighting one attack after another. Is this something you are prepared to face? What does one attack cost you and are you able to recover from several attacks? Cyber-attacks come with costs. Some of the attacks have financial implications, but the biggest challenge is your integrity. No client is willing to do business with an organization whose systems are vulnerable to constant cyber-attacks.  

In this article, Deb Shinder discusses the different approaches intrusion detection systems use and why you should not be comfortable if all you are using is a firewall.


Why your firewall is not enough to keep you safe

“In a perfect world, the only people who are accessing your network are people you know about and trust. You want vendors and clients to be able to access your network. You also want remote users to be able to access the network at night. But what about that guy sitting alone in his bedroom hyped up on caffeine and sugar with nothing better to do but to see what he can do to your network? Read more here

Although the firewall has some elements of intrusion detection, it is restricted in its functions. An intrusion detection system is designed to interpret and understand packet headers and not just focus on the IP address and ports. The widespread attention of the intrusion detection system gives it an edge over the firewall. This makes it more qualified to handle huge threats especially in organizations which have heavy traffic and sensitive data.

The cost of investing in intrusion detection systems is lower than the price of an attack on your system. The emotional turmoil that results from an attack and loss of vital data is immeasurable. Rather than take the risk, it is best to invest in the available intrusion detection systems for the sake of your business and your peace of mind.

Top Ways to Improve Productivity in Retail

Top Ways to Improve Productivity in Retail

Any business knows how important productivity is. Higher the productivity, more a business can accomplish in terms of outcomes. At the same time, productivity gets hit most when the economic conditions are not favorable or times are not quite conducive.

There are several ways an entrepreneur can achieve higher productivity in the retail sector so the necessary source of revenue generation is always secured irrespective of what the situation is around you.

If you are looking for smart city Solutions in Singapore, do consider Smart City Solutions with ATT Systems. They specialise in new technologies and cloud softwares, and would definitely be a good pick for your company for such a system. You should visit their site above.

1. Implement the technology of counting people
The technique of people counting can enable an owner to optimize the manner in which their business is run, identify the best possible path to take for improving productivity and to explore the roadblocks to effectiveness. For instance, footfall counting can offer you valuable insights into your business� troughs and peaks so that processes can be streamlined to boost productivity while not compromising the customer service quality.

2. Recruit and train staff well
It is crucial to fine tune your hiring process so that you can get the right candidates for your business. You need to concentrate on the cultural fit while recruiting and ensure that the candidates possess the right kind of attitude and aptitude to become your team members. It is not a difficult task to recruit candidates on the basis of their experience or skills. However, in practice, the working styles and personalities that you put together can create that perfect blend leading to superior productivity.

The performance of your business also depends on how well your staffs have been trained. In fact, the confidence levels of trained employees are higher thus making them more effective in their work. These employees can also deliver well to generate higher customer satisfaction. Trained employees can also work more efficiently leading to higher productivity.

3. Time-consuming and manual tasks should be automated
There are two different ways automation can work as far as productivity is concerned. Firstly, it can make your staff free o that they can focus on more value-added assignments. Plus, there can a new kind of an efficiency introduced into the daily business processes, which are necessary but extremely time consuming. Thus, once automation of certain business processes is in place, staffs get more time to concentrate on activities that can boost productivity like increasing sales figure, designing and deploying proper strategy related to business growth and so on.

Smart city solutions like queuing management system are a classic example through which retail can improve their productivity and enhance customer satisfaction.

How Can Magnetic Support Help In Alleviating Knee Pain

How Can Magnetic Support Help In Alleviating Knee Pain?

Magnetic support to alleviate knee pain has been in news lately. However, many of you must be actually wondering whether magnetic support for your knees actually work effectively or not.

A specially designed magnetic knee support comprises magnets that are strategically positioned so that the joint area of the knee is surrounded by them to reduce both inflammations as well as pain. In fact, magnetic therapy is being used for several years as a non-invasive and drug-free treatment to enjoy relief from swelling and pain.

While there are both supporters and detractors who have varying viewpoints about how effective the magnets are, several people feel they are highly beneficial, particularly for conditions such as arthritis. Magnetic support for knees offers an effective solution to get relief from knee pain.

Why should a person use PIP Magnetic knee support?

As mentioned above, the use of magnets to heal different kinds of health issues is not new. However, it has been only a little over two decades when there have been extensive research works and studies conducted in this field. Today, many devices use magnets for providing relief from pain.
The treatment is known to relieve pain, swelling, and any kind of discomfort in the body causing pain. It is said that the ions in the blood cell get attracted to a magnet. That in turn, increases the blood flow to stimulate circulation. There are some strong loyalists who are convinced that the magnetic device used has helped in reducing their pain. However, a few detractors have claimed that the therapy did not work for them. There could be several reasons why they did not receive benefits from a magnetic therapy. They could have misused the magnetic device. Alternatively, the magnets could not have been powerful enough to match the severity of pain being experienced by them.

How does magnetic support for knees work?

These supports work by combining the following techniques:

1. Improve blood flow
It is believed by many people that magnetic fields can attract as well as repel the charged particles present in the blood, thus creating heat and movement. As a result, the blood vessels widen, enabling inflow of nutrients and oxygen and eliminating toxins, which accelerate the process of healing.

2. Lower pain
It is also believed that the magnetic fields can trigger a person�s nervous system, reducing the pain signals transmitted to the brain. Thus, a person feels less amount of pain than before.

Magnetic support for knees is the new treatment you should definitely consider if you have tried other treatment but it does not seem to work. If it works for you, then you can start to enjoy your hours pain-free from then onwards.

Effective ways to treat morning stiffness and body aches

Effective ways to treat morning stiffness and body aches

If you find it difficult to get out of the bed in the morning or experience severe pains around your joints, then you are not alone. You see, millions of people around the world suffer from this condition. But many of these people do not know what causes it and some ways to address it.

People suffering from arthritis, rheumatism, and fibromyalgia are usually prone to morning stiffness. Taking muscles relaxants like Aleve is a good way to address this condition. But, do you know that there are other ways you can treat it without taking any medications?

Knowing the causes of morning stiffness will help you prevent it and address it. Lack of physical activities, overweight and poor diet is the major causes of this condition.

If you are tolerating body aches and stiff muscles all the time, it’s time to seek some remedies for that. With body ache soothing products such as the PIP Elekiban and PIP Magneloop, you can also help your body to recover faster. Check out their website here today!

The following article by epainassist shed light on some causes of morning stiffness

What causes morning stiffness and 10 Ways to get rid of it?

Is getting out of bed a difficult and humongous task for you? Do you find it unbearable to get out of the bed the first thing in the morning because of the pain which you feel? Read more here.

You likely now know some of the common cause of morning stiffness. To effectively address this condition, you first have to learn as much as you can about it. Doing this will put you in a better position to determine the best way to address it. Presently, there are a lot of easy ways you can reduce morning stiffness without spending a lot of money or visiting a doctor.

The following article by Roger Chu shed light on some tips that can help you overcome morning stiffness.

10 tips to overcome morning stiffness

Do you find it difficult to get out of bed in the morning because of too much pain? Does it take an hour or two for your body to “warm up” and your joints and muscles to loosen before you can tackle the tasks of the day?  Read more here.

You likely now know some ten tips that can help you overcome morning stiffness and body aches. Before trying out any of these tips, it is important that you consult your doctor and tell him about it. If the cause of your morning stiffness and body aches is Arthritis, you should quickly seek help from your doctor or GP. That being said, it might interest you to know that there are some easy things you can do in the comfort of your home to remedy Arthritis and joint pain.

The following article by Claire Goodall shed light on some home remedies for arthritis and joint pain.

14 Home remedies for Arthritis and joint pain

We take the freedom of movement for granted until it becomes limited. The cause of this for many people comes in the form of arthritis or the inflammation of one or more of your jointsRead more here.

You probably now know some fourteen home remedies for joint pain and arthritis. In other to get the most from these home remedies, you first have to learn as much as you can about them. Have it in mind that all fourteen home remedies may not work well for you. Try our each of them and settle for the one that provides the most relief to you.

Final note

Morning stiffness is a condition that no one will like to experience. But if you happen to have it, it is important that you learn some things that cause it. Obesity, Arthritis, and lack of exercise are the major causes of this condition. Knowing the exact cause of your morning stiffness will help you figure out the best way to address it.

See, you don’t always have to visit a doctor or a GP to address you morning stiffness. There are a lot of easy home remedies you can try out to reduce your morning stiffness and body aches.

Trying out each of these home remedies is going to be difficult for you at first, but when you start seeing the results that you seek, you will be motivated to continue using them.

Things to keep an eye out for when purchasing insurance for your car

Right after you have purchased a vehicle, you want it out on the road but it is your part to play that you need to ensure its insurance against any incidents. In case if you incur any, it is going to cost you a lot.  So just to prevent heavy expenses you need to check your car in with an insurance company. You also need to choose the right company and for doing so you need to know what you need to look for. So if it is your first time, you need to look for a lot of factors apart from affordability otherwise it might cost you even more in the long run.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance is not something that you should take lightly if you own a company vehicle or intend to use your personal car for work purposes. Take up one today! One good provider is Allegiance Associates, and they also provide a wide range of insurances you can consider for your company. Check out their site here today:

Read this article below by Lynnette Goh to find out the other factors you need to look for.

What you need to look for when buying insurance for the first time

The annual premium of a policy is basically what you pay every year to be covered. Your premium depends on the company you go with, of course, but also what is known as the Risk Factor Rating System. Insurance companies determine how likely you are to get into an accident based on factors like your age, your gender, driving experience, and so on. The more accident-prone you are, the higher your premium. Read more here

There is also some additional amount you need to pay out of your own wallet if you want to lay claim over the rest. These costs usually are higher in order to motivate you to drive around with caution and prevent any harmful accidents. This is the case even if your car is insured. Various parts of the terms and conditions lay out by the company will point out the excess costs that you will incur incase of third parties. Moreover, every insurance company has its own official workshop where you can handle your repairs. You can check whether the policy applies to selecting out of these certain lists or you can choose them on your own. In instances when you are stuck in the workshop, your company can watch over and provide replacement for your car.

You can also mention your own terms you feel comfortable with and your company might fashion the insurance policy in customized manner. However most of the Singaporean companies do not do that. You can choose between personal car insurance and a commercial one. To help you narrow down your choice to either one, read this article below by Tiffany to clear out any confusion between the two,

Personal car insurance or commercial car insurance- which is better for you?

A personal auto insurance policy covers all things that are considered “personal” in nature. These include your drives back and forth to your office for work, trips to the grocery store, and leisure activities. Your auto policy covers the vehicles and household drivers you specifically list on the policy and is geared towards protecting individuals that use their car for regular personal purposes. Read more here

A commercial policy for insurance is mostly fashioned to help the owners conduct their business without any worries. Very good examples of an insurance policy covering in full are of the transport or delivery services being assured fully in case of damages. However their rates differ greatly.

Your car might be categorized as commercial if it is used just for business purposes and not for handling your personal objectives. This also includes travelling to and from work. This is usually taken up by transporting services such as taxi service or deliveries such as those of flowers, car parts or pizza.

On the other hand, a personal insurance policy will include only those which have the aim of handling personal tasks. The weight of the vehicle also judges if you are using it for a specific use. For example, trucks or buses are almost always taken up under commercial insurances. Now, you must be wondering why your personal insurance cannot cover for your business; Read this informative article by Insureon to find out all the reasons why.

Why personal car insurance does not cover business driving

It’s riskier than personal driving. If you spend a lot of time behind the wheel for work, you have a greater risk of accidents and vehicle damage. Moreover, it might violate the terms of your personal auto policy. Your contract with your insurance provider covers your car for private use and your policy was priced accordingly. If you frequently use your personal vehicle for work, you may want to consider purchasing a separate business car insurance policy. Read more here

In this scenario, if you are using your private car for work purposes, you are taking on additional and unwanted risk – one that your insurance company did not accept to bear under any circumstances. Therefore, it always serves better to be honest about the utilization of a vehicle and purchase the right one to prevent long term harms.

Taking on a commercial insurance for your vehicle is not as simple as purchasing it from any insurer. You need to find out how much you drive your vehicle, what kind of purpose you are driving it for, etc. A good insurer should ask you about all these factors before giving you a rate for the insurance. If you are not sure, it also helps by checking around with your friends or online if the offered coverage is worth spending on.

Things you should know about marine cargo insurance

Things you should know about marine cargo insurance

Any business that involves shipment of cargo overseas should consider investing in the most reliable marine cargo insurance. In fact, even the business that involve shipments transported through inland seas would benefit from cargo insurance. The key is to examine every opportunity at hand and to pick an insurance that comes with transparent policies and easy insurance claim processes.

If you are looking for marine insurance in Singapore, you should consider Allegiance Associates Marine Insurance. They cover both Marine Cargo and Marine Hull insurances. You should definitely look them up here if you are serious about protecting your marine goods or properties:

Accidents are prone to occur
Even the most secure shipment companies are not accident free. Any accident small or big might in turn impact the commodity being shipped. Such mishaps might result in the damage of the commodities or might cause delays and additional expenses. All such instances would disappoint customers. Even the most financially stable business would require a good cargo insurance in order to tackle such situations. While hull insurance covers any issues or damage that occurs with the machinery transporting the cargo, cargo insurance covers the damage occurring on the cargo.

Focus on honesty
Knowing about the type of cargo being handle would help the insurance provider frame the right policy. One mistake that many businesses make is to conceal the details of the cargo being shipped. There are some products that are considered high risk and some insurance providers might hesitate to cover them. If absolute honesty is now maintained then there might be issues in the underwriting process. Regulations in the state would be another factor that determines whether the business is high risk.

Choosing between FPA and all-risk
For marine cargo insurance there is FPA (free of particular average) and there is full risk while selecting the type of policy. The former offers a limited coverage but if you are looking for full coverage then the latter would be a perfect choice. These are the two main types of policies that cargo insurance companies offer. Being a comprehensive choice all risk coverage is one of the safest options for businesses that involve critical shipments. FPA is one of the most commonly available options which can be given on predefined perils. And almost every business would be able to avail this type of policy. But for a full coverage there would be a more stringent scrutiny.
Besides the mentioned categories in marine cargo insurance there is also marine hull insurance and a handful of other marine insurance choices. So businesses big and small should be clear about the type of coverage required, and make a decision based on the costs spent on the shipment and the modes of shipment chosen.

What One Should Know About Home Burglaries

What One Should Know About Home Burglaries?

Most people would be flabbergasted if they found out how frequently burglaries happen across the world. While the numbers might vary across different countries, it still is a startling fact. Considering the fact that, a good number of burglaries go unreported due to various reasons it is high time people started considered installing some kind of home security systems in their households. To illustrate the gravity of the situation, home security consultants are trying to educate people about the various burglary statistics. This article hopes to shed some light on this aspect. At times, even the modest intrusion detection system can save people from significant financial loss. In this article we shall discuss what one should know about home burglaries.

If you are looking for Intrusion Detection Software, do consider ATT Systems Group. They have a wide expertise in many security systems and have the know-how to solve your queries and problems. You can check out their site above.

A little intimidation goes a long way
According to a burglar survey study compiled by a university, most convicted burglars have accepted that, the absence of a home security system was a key consideration when choosing their targets for burglary. While it might not always work, having some level of security is definitely a lot better than having none. According to most home security consultants, getting a monitored home security system is well worth the money it costs. If people can afford one, then they definitely should not skimp on it. Stickers and other labels provided by home security
systems must be prominently displayed at all strategic break-in points. A little intimidation this way can save a whole lot of trouble and heartache later.

Greater the difficulty in committing the burglary, lower are the losses
Owing to neighbourhood watch becoming commonplace and improved police response times, burglars have learnt to be quick in their work. Hence burglars often look for easy targets which can be broken into in less than two minutes. People are strongly advised to have a strong doors and secure windows installed in their homes, as they are less likely to yield to the break-in tactics of the burglars. Furthermore, burglars immediately strike the master bedroom as soon as they break into a house, thus people will have to get creative if they are to safeguard
their valuables. Having multiple locks and creative concealing of safes are found to be most effective in such scenarios. Having multiple safes is not a bad idea, as burglars will not be able to strike all of them in their limited time. Most safe companies will now install safes at any place that their client wants them to, its high time people started utilizing this facility smartly.

How Can Traffic Counters Help Minimize Chaos In Everyday Life?

Contrary to popular belief, there are numerous benefits to employing traffic counters at strategic locations. Assessing vehicular traffic can help both governments and businesses to better manage their resources for optimum profits. Businesses can deploy traffic counters in their facilities, in order to gain a better understanding of the vehicle movement patterns. Armed with this information, businesses can modify their facilities or transportation infrastructures, such that the traffic flow is far smoother and efficient than before. Many people in urban areas often complaint of chronic traffic congestion, traffic counters are the perfect solution to alleviate this.

If you are a city planner or a traffic company and are looking for a traffic counter, you should consider ATT Systems Traffic Counter System. This system tracks both vehicles and human traffic, provides real time statistics, and can be portable or fixed. If you are looking for Traffic Counter System Singapore, you should check out ATT Systems site above.

By leveraging the data provided by traffic counters, town planners will be in a better position to plan the transportation infrastructure for maximum effectiveness. Reduced traffic congestion will not only improve the quality of life of people but also offer numerous other benefits to them. Some of the benefits offered by reduced traffic congestion are lower fuel costs due to reduced travel time, significant reduction of commute time and consequent lower emissions improving the quality of air. Since the need for traffic counters are increasing each day, there are many new companies mushrooming to cater to this need. Competition in this sector benefits the end consumers ultimately as people can get better traffic counters at lower costs. Thanks to the progress technology has made, modern traffic counters not only provide plain traffic data but also categories them to make it easier to derive statistical inferences from it. To sum it up, traffic counters play a very important role in reducing chaos, that has become commonplace right now.

In this article we shall discuss how can traffic counters help minimize chaos in everyday life.

Improved customer experience
Traffic counters are assisting businesses in offering better quality of service to their clients. It is because of the traffic counters that businesses like fast food joints can quickly respond to drive in customers. Although most people do not realise it, traffic counters are being extensively employed in numerous businesses like car washes, truck stops and toll booths. There is no dearth of variety in traffic counters, so businesses are spoilt for choice when it comes to finding the best one which suits their needs. Most modern traffic counters are so advanced, that they can detect vehicles at a distance even before they come near the counter. Customised traffic counters for specialised needs of clients, are also being designed by certain companies.

Traffic trends and versatility
The vast majority of traffic counters have one common feature in all their use cases and that is traffic trend research. This research is not just required for governments but also for entities engaged in road studies, residential communities and others like them.

Wherever they are employed, traffic counters help alleviate traffic chaos.

All You Need To Know About Corporate Health Insurance

When an employer offers benefits to his employees, the latter feels a strong sense of belonging and gives their best. Group health insurance is a form of corporate insurance, which typically covers the medical expenses of a team of people who are employees of a common company, members of certain so is tied or professionals belonging to a common group. Such a corporate insurance coverage enables organizations to attract and retain talented manpower. Irrespective of whether you in a big company or a small business, it becomes simpler to retain the most talented people in your industry by offer g them a good health insurance plan.

A majority of health insurance companies provide flexible plans at reasonable rates of premium. However, the premium charged will depend on various factors such as the group size, profile of the employees and so on. The policy operates under a set of terms and conditions that are applicable to the insured employees. Healthcare costs have been increasing at an alarming rate making it absolutely essential for all employers to offer coverage to the employees as well as their family members from situations related to financial instability, which may happen when the employee has to be hospitalized.

Merits of corporate healthcare insurance policy

For any company, the most treasured resource is none other than its employees. Today, a large number of companies are becoming highly employee-centric. Corporate health coverage has evolved as a highly popular form of employee benefits to attract new talent. Thus, this insurance plan has an important part to play to influence an employee’s psychology. Such a policy can make an employee feel that they have an important part of the company where he works. Corporate health plans Los help in reducing the attrition rate of employees and reduce turmoil in trade unions of the company. Plus, it also helps in increasing the productivity of the workers leading to business profitability. There are certain insurance products where the employees’ families are also provided coverage making these employees loyal towards the company they work for. Additionally, when an employer offers health coverage to his her employees, they get eligibility for tax deductions.

Key characteristics of corporate health insurance policy

While there are many corporate of group health insurance coverage available, here are some of their common attributes that you should be aware of.

Insurers of group health insurance products ideally offer coverage for medical or health benefits of the insured as well as for the spouse, kids as well as dependent patents.

Corporate health insurance policies offer facilities like cashless hospitalization in their network hospitals.

There are some insurers who also cover maternity and pre-existing health expenses.

Such health insurance policies may also cover ancillary expenses such as expenses to hire ambulances.

Also, it is good companies also known as contractors all risk insurance protects both workers and dangers to company property during say a project.

There are some health policies, which cover reimbursements for consultation fees of specialists as well as fees for other practitioners where you may visit for a follow-up checkup.

Final takeaway

It is indeed an open secret that all employees understand the immense value of being a member of a group health insurance value. It is a wine in situation for both employers as well as employees as both of them benefit. but since premium rates are increasing at an alarming rate and you may be very busy with operational functions as the owner of the company. It is tough to spare the necessary time to study the available products at length before deciding the final product. A reputable corporate insurance agent can help you in making the right choice and eventually purchase a good health insurance plan for your staffs.

How your business success has strong links with the health insurance plan you provide to your employees

Why do you, as a business owner, ensure to offer various types of benefits to your employees? The answer to this question is that you want your employees to know that you are interested in their welfare. But why are you interested in the well-being of your employees? The reason is that you want them to perform to their fullest potential so you can achieve the business success you are aiming at more quickly.

During the course of conducting your business, you may have to buy a number of corporate insurance plans. Buying an appropriate health insurance plan for your employees is as important as or rather, more important than shopping around for other corporate plans because you will derive immense benefits by putting in place a health insurance cover in your company. Let us now look at some of the other benefits you will derive by taking this step.

1. An excellent health insurance plan will attract great talents

Job aspirants and especially, highly talented people, mainly look at the health cover you have put in place in your company. The reason is without such a cover, they cannot enjoy the fruits of their remuneration fully. Nowadays, medical expenses are sky-rocketing and if the employees or their family members happen to fall ill, they may have to spend heavily on their own in the absence of a suitable health cover. That is why they give more importance to this benefit than to other perks and benefits. In fact, studies reveal that if you put in place a good health insurance plan in your company, you have a better chance of attracting top talents to your company than your competitors.

2. You are removing the stress from the minds of your employees

If you do not offer a suitable health cover to your employees, they may have to look for insurance plans themselves. This is not an easy task given the fact that there are a number of plans and providers. They may have to spend considerable time and do a lot of research to zero in on the right plan. This may certainly cause stress to them. By putting in place a suitable group health plan in your company, you are saving your employees from the onslaught of this stress.

3. Retaining top talents is easy

Since the highly talented employees who join your establishment are happy with the health insurance plan you have put in place, they may not like to leave the company. Such loyal employees can do a lot of good for your company’s growth. Apart from turning out optimized performance day in and day out, they will ensure to take all possible steps for satisfying your customers also because they are aware that unless customers are fully satisfied, the company will not grow. In other words, their career growth also hinges on client satisfaction and hence, they will make all possible efforts to achieve this aim.

3. A good health insurance plan is good for the finances of your employees

Since you have put in place a suitable group plan in your company, employees need not spend money from their wallet for their medical expenses. So, this is good for their financial health as well.

4. A group plan will help in team building

Since your group plan will cover all the employees, they will feel united. In a group plan, every employee contributes to the health and welfare of every other employee. This will give your employees a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment which will do a world of good in infusing team spirit in your employees.

5. An appropriate group cover will reduce absenteeism

Another factor is also product liability insurance since employees do not have to fear customers making a claim against them for any damages caused by the product sold.

Thanks to the group health insurance cover you have put in place, employees will feel healthy and so, absenteeism will get reduced to a significant extent. So, the work-flow in the company will not get impeded. So, productivity of your company will increase manifold and this will accelerate your business success.