Top 3 Advantages of Interactive Marketing

Interactive marketing is a form of advertising that includes various kinds of Internet based sales strategies. Some of these include online stores, website architecture and social networking. It is a booming world of e-commerce and modern technology and there are several service and product providers who are increasingly finding that interactive marketing provides many advantages and is highly cost-effective. Interactive marketing creates a two way dialog between a business and its customers.

We will discuss the top three advantages that are associated with interactive marketing.

1. High degree of audience engagement

There are several interactive Facebook marketing techniques that enable sellers to know more about their target customers, and offer fun-based and interesting shopping experiences. For example, a bakery that specializes in baking customized cakes may engage it target audience through a website that will allow them to customize a cake. An interactive site in this case is one where online visitors can select the color decorations, size, frosting and style of the cake. Viewing the cake right next to an “Add to Cart” button” can actually encourage a potential buyer to purchase. When a company does a periodic checking of what combinations were experimented by these visitors, it helps them to assess consume requirements.

2. Instant feedback

Instant feedback on services and products can be provided to the sellers by campaigns placed on social networking sites. It becomes easier for sellers to identify demands of consumers, target markets and accordingly adjust or provide their products or services. When you use your profile to post promotions or your advertisements and read the comments posted, you can find out what are the views of consumers about your services or products. Even though you may not get a direct feedback, you can still assess the effectiveness of your advertisements by checking out the total number of times it has been shared or read.

3. Increased conversions

If your interactive marketing strategy is successful, it leads to conversion of consumers from readers and thereafter to buyers. An interactive marketing technique is quite different from conventional radio and television advertisements. The former provides an opportunity to the audience for making on the spot purchases. One of the most widely used technique in an interactive marketing scheme to promote sales conversion is to promote purchasing opportunities through calls to action. Motivating phrases like “Add to your cart” or “Buy Now” can contribute towards arousing the interests of your potential customers so that they can continue with online purchases. This is quite contrary to traditional advertising techniques that just state the merits of your services.

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