Why SEO is the Heart of Marketing Strategy

Marketing a product or service is about reaching the necessary information to the target audience. People who are looking for that particular product should get to hear about it. This is exactly what SEO does to specific websites, it drives traffic to the website so people get to find out what the product or service is all about. Here are 4 ways SEO aid in marketing:

1) SEO is about listening to user’s needs and delivering it: When a person keys in ‘shoes’ in the Google search engine, what they are actually looking for is to buy those shoes. So, a website that sells shoes should use this keyword to market their products. While someone keying in ‘weather’ will not be looking at buying weather. It is about finding out what the user needs and then providing them with what they want. Of course local flavors need to be taken into consideration when analyzing SEO services in Singapore.

2) SEO drives traffic: A good SEO strategy will aid in improving traffic. This improves the market value of the site.

3) SEO improves visibility of the site: The Google algorithm keeps changing very often but an ongoing SEO strategy will ensure that rankings are maintained. Constant changes and improvements in the site are necessary to keep the site up to date.

4) SEO serves as an effective brand building strategy: The website and its services are tuned to respond to certain keywords. These keywords are the ones that users key in when they are looking for those products or services. Therefore, SEO is involved in careful market planning and brand building, where keywords are carefully pieced together to gain maximum coverage.

The essence of any marketing strategy is to increase awareness about the product or service. Offline it is built by pamphlets, booklets or brochures being distributed around. When trying to pass around these brochures, it is important to identify places where people who are interested in the particular product live or meet up.

An appropriate example would be, when you are looking at promoting the services of a ladies hairstylist, then you would be looking for women who require and can afford those services. Distributing brochures in a high end mall where women frequent will reach the target audience much better than in a football match.

This is how keyword searches work. Specific keywords that will be keyed in to find out more about your service should be selected and utilized in the content on your website. This and a whole lot of other techniques make SEO in Singapore the heart of marketing strategy online.

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